When will my yard waste be picked up?

The Borough of Phoenixville is happy to announce a new yard waste collection program.  We have been awarded grant money by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection in recognition of our efforts and commitment to recycling.   Borough Council approved using these grant funds for the purchase of a new yard waste truck and 720 65-gallon yard waste toters. 

These new toters are the same size and shape of your current toters, but have a brown lid instead of a gray (trash) or green (recycles only) lid.  These toters will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis and only one toter will be given out per household.   If you do not get a yard waste toter, please continue to use biodegradable paper bags.

Like all other yard waste, the yard waste collected with this new program will then be delivered to our Compost Site where it will be used to create and replenish our supply of such products as compost, leaf compost, mulch and fine mulch.  As a reminder, each household is entitled to three (3) cubic yards of these products per year at no cost.  

 The yard waste collection program runs from April to October and will be done every other week beginning the week of April 1 on your trash day. 

We are proud to be recognized for the efforts of our Sanitation Department to recycle this green waste into products that can be reused to enrich our soil, help retain moisture and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers.

Yard Waste Pickup will occur starting week of April 1 and will go until the end of October.

Yard Waste Toter Program:

These new Yard Waste toters are granted to us from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection as part of the 902 Recycling Grant. These toters are free of charge, but only one is permitted per household. 

These toters are special, because they are for YARD WASTE ONLY.  No trash is allowed in these receptacles.

To request a Yard Waste Toter, please fill out a Yard Waste Toter Request Form

Acceptable yard waste includes:

  • grass clippings
  • leaves
  • small branches

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