Who does the turf management on the athletic fields in the Borough and what do they do?

The Borough has hired an outside company that specializes in turf management on athletic fields.  They have implemented a comprehensive and effective approach to pest management, termed IPM program. An IPM approach considers all strategies to reduce pest damage to manageable and acceptable levels in the most economical means, while simultaneously considering potential impacts on humans, property, and the environment. In sports field management, these programs involve various agronomic practices, as well as the option to consider the use of chemical applications in situations when other means have been exhausted or deemed ineffective. Where allowed, pesticide use can be incorporated into an overall IPM strategy that also includes non-chemical control methods such as biological controls, cultural methods, or pest monitoring. The judicious use of pesticides, when needed, helps to control disease, insect, and weed pests that will otherwise comprise the quality and safety of the playing surface. The safe and effective use, storage, and handling of pesticides is highly regulated, which helps to ensure that their relative risk is largely mitigated. In addition, pesticides are only applied by licensed professional applicators who are subject to a certification process and must be regularly recertified, further ensuring safety.

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3. Who does the turf management on the athletic fields in the Borough and what do they do?
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