Office of the Mayor


Dear Neighbors,

It doesn’t seem possible, but a year has already come and gone. In this past year I have been inspired by the strength and hope that I have seen throughout Phoenixville. Whether in times of joy or sadness, abundance or scarcity, we come together as so much more than a collection of people. We are a community, a family that is determined to rise together and ensure that all our members have the opportunity to live their lives with dignity and to their fullest potential.

Each day, I have the honor and privilege of interacting with different people throughout our community. I can tell you first hand that, in Phoenixville, there is an abundance of dynamic and amazing people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Each and every person contributes, in some way, to ensuring we have an incredible place to call home. Whether they volunteer through one of our many non-profits, a faith-based organization or is one of the 50 residents who volunteer on a Borough board or commission, it truly takes all of us working together to keep Phoenixville Rising.

It’s not just the “big” formal volunteer opportunities that impact our community; it’s also everyday things that are done with kindness: smiling to those you pass; standing up your neighbor’s trash cans; or checking on someone who may need a little encouragement. These “little” things make a huge difference in the lives of people around us. I would encourage each of you to consider your impact on those around you and on our community. Phoenixville’s success, our success; requires each of us to serve in whatever way we can.

On March, 6th, Phoenixville turns 170 years old. Take this time to not only celebrate our past, but also look towards our future, a future that we will create together. We must continue to ensure that everyone in Phoenixville has a place, to live with dignity and that we continue our rich legacy of care for each of our neighbors. We do this through our work on affordable housing; through innovative projects that reduce our impact on the environment and improve access to transportation; through educational programs and support for addiction and mental health; and through programming that impacts our youth and seniors.

In December, as I stood at the Firebird Festival looking out onto the crowd, in the darkness, illuminated by only the light of the burning Phoenix, were the eyes and smiles of our residents and visitors. There were no defining characteristics that separated us; it was only a community, a family gathered around the light, around the Phoenix.

As I reflect on that moment I realized that Phoenixville, is more than a physical location, it is an experience. Together, we are the light, the hope and the spirit of Phoenixville.

Yours In Service,
Mayor Peter J. Urscheler