Youth Yoga

Youth Yoga with Sol and Skye at the Phoenixville Recreation Center!


Session Fees: $20 drop in/$105 for the 6 week sessions/$70 for 4 week sessions

Registration: email

4 week Saturday Series: November 19-December 17 (no class Saturday 11/26)

6 session bi-weekly Saturday Series 1/17, 1/21, 2/4, 2/18, 3/4, 3/18

9-9:45 AM - 6 months-age 3 with caregiver (*child should be crawling/close to crawling)

The crawling – 3yr old class offers a wonderful opportunity for you and your child to connect through fun and nurturing ways of movement + play! In this class we will flow through gentle movements, songs, stories, and other activities to create a fun and engaging experience for all.  Your child will also learn how to move through frustration, strengthen their motor skills, and increase their attention span by actively following directions – all awesome benefits to their emotional and physical development! As a parent/caregiver, you will also be given the chance to move your body, develop a sense of community with other like-minded yogis, and even enjoy in a few minutes of relaxation, making it an amazing experience for all! *No yoga experience required to have a fun time!

10-10:45 AM - FAMILY YOGA - AGES 4 and UP

Family yoga class offers you and your loved ones a very special chance to bond with one another by connecting through new, fun, + grounding ways of movement + play! In this family-styled, inclusive, class we will explore different yoga poses, mindful movements, partner/group activities, and more together. We will flow through various poses and movements that all ages and abilities can do, making this class accessible for everyone! We will also spend some time learning different breathing techniques and creating space for a relaxation, which will offer you the chance to pause, rest, and reset as a family unit. What better way to spend your Saturday mornings than by learning fun + nurturing ways to connect with your family and be given new practices you can bring with you everywhere you go? This class offers you a wonderful gift of being present with those most important people in your life, while also giving time back to yourself and growing in a community of like-minded people. *No yoga experience required to have a fun time!


AGES 4-6




In this class we will use our imaginations and creativity to explore different yoga poses, songs, stories, games, and much more! In this class, your child will be introduced to different breathing exercises and visualizations as well, that will help your little one feel calm + focused in their body. The class will offer a chance for your child’s physical and emotional development to soar by raising their awareness, confidence, strength, balance, concentration, and connectedness to themselves + others. Ultimately, yoga will give your child new tools each week that they can take with them to feel their best selves, on or off the mat! *No yoga experience required to have a fun time!

AGES 7-12



5:30-6:30 pm

In this class, we will flow through different mindful movements, yoga poses, games, and even creative art projects together! Throughout the classes, we will dive into different themes and life lessons that will add in an element of creativity, curiosity, discussion, and expanded awareness to the practices. We will also learn different breathing techniques and visualizations, that will leave us feeling calmer, more grounded, and centered than when we walked in. Not only will this class offer amazing benefits for your child’s physical health, but it will also lay a foundation for your child’s emotional health to thrive, as they learn different self-regulation tools, practice positive self-talk, and build connectedness to themselves and others. *No yoga experience required to have a fun time!

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