ZUMBA with Antonia

Virtual Zumba Classes! (Using ZOOM)

1st Session: Feb 22nd - Apr 12th

When: Every Monday @ 7:15 PM and Thursday's @ 6:30 PM

Cost: $5 per class

How to sign up:  Contact Antonia @ zumbawithantonia@yahoo.com and let her know you would like to sign up. She will then send you the following instructions:

Venmo sign up instructions 
1.  Complete your class payment via Venmo.  My Venmo ID is antonia_camacho.  If you don't have Venmo, please sign up, or contact me privately to make other arrangements.  
2. Email me confirmation of your payment no later than 1 hour before class.  I will then send you the link & password for the meeting. 

Zoom sign up instructions 
I will be live on ZOOM, which is a video conferencing app you can download on your phone, tablet, or computer!  ZOOM is free, & you can sign up at https://zoom.us/.  

If you do decide to join, please TURN OFF your webcam audio when the class starts.  We want to keep the video/audio stream as clear as possible.  The idea is to hear only my audio during the class.