Temporary Open Air Business Setup

On June 5th, Chester County entered the yellow phase. Businesses who have private outdoor dining space may have outdoor dining starting June 5th, 2020. Other businesses who use public space (ie. sidewalks) do not have the capability to set up outdoor dining.

On June 9th, Borough Council approved Resolution #2020-24 allowing business to have an outdoor open air setup. 


On September 8th, 2020, Borough Council approved the temporary Open-Air permit Setup to go beyond October 5th, 2020. The Borough will assess further dates on a monthly basis going forward.

UPDATE: november 3, 2020

The Borough of Phoenixville has decided to continue the weekly closure of Bridge Street for its’ Temporary Open-Air Permit Set Ups until December 21st, 2020. This continuation will be weather permitting, and contingent upon Commonwealth/County COVID-19 guidelines.


Please Note if a business (Restaurant, Bar, & Retail) wants to participate they are required to submit the Temporary Open Air Permit Application and supporting documents to manager@phoenixville.org . Once the Borough receives the completed application and documents a permit will be issued for that establishment. 

1. Monday 7am - FRIDAY  2pm

All businesses that qualify for an outdoor café permit may set up one (1) row of seating against the front façade of their business while following social distance guidelines. This is only for Monday 7am through Friday 2pm and only when the premises are open for business.

Retailers may display merchandise within three (3) feet of the front façade of the building; merchandise may be so displayed only by the occupant of the premises, and only when the premises are open for business.


2.  FRIDAY  2pm - Sunday 9pm

Starting Friday, November 6th, 2020, participating businesses’ outdoor permit hours will run from Friday afternoons until Sunday nights, and will conclude one hour earlier at 9pm. The new schedule of Temporary Open-Air set up hours will be:

  • Fridays – 4pm – 9pm
  • Saturdays – 7am – 9pm
  • Sundays – 7am – 9pm

The road closure times are as follows: Fridays at 2pm to Mondays at 7am, unless otherwise noted, and the closure roads will remain the same also.

Details below are for the approved temporary open air permit setup from Friday 2pm to Sunday 9pm

Closure Maps

Open Container Map

open container map
Outdoor Dining Extension Map__Page_1
Outdoor Dining Extension Map__Page_3
Outdoor Dining Extension Map__Page_2

set up details:

Hours of Operation:

Businesses will be permitted to set up in the closed sidewalk and roadway for the following hours:
Thursdays: 4pm – 10pm
Friday through Sunday: 7am – 10pm

Please see above maps for closure and walkway information. 

No Parking 

100 and 200 block of Bridge Street from 2pm Thursday through 7am Monday

Road Closed 

100 and 200 blocks of Bridge Street from 3pm Thursday through 7am Monday.
The Main and Bridge Street parking lot will also be closed for the duration of the road closure.

Main Street and Gay Street will remain open. North Main Street will remain closed at the railroad trestle construction area until that project is completed.