Snow Emergency Information

What is a Snow Emergency?

Winter weather is beautiful, but severe winter weather can pose a safety risk to our residents. This causes the Borough to have to declare a snow emergency in order to keep our residents safe.

In the event that a snow emergency is declared, an official declaration will be made by Mayor Urscheler, and then posted on the Borough website, and shared via the Borough’s social media pages, and an alert will be pushed out through the Alert Center. Please follow and subscribe to these platforms to stay informed about possible snow emergencies.

When a snow emergency is declared, residents are reminded to remove vehicles from snow emergency routes prior to the time that the state of emergency takes effect. Failure to do so may result in ticketing, towing, or having your vehicle blocked in by plowed snow. It is necessary to keep these routes as clear as possible so they can be plowed, allowing for those who need to drive somewhere a safe route to travel on. Parking is offered in any of the off-street Borough-owned lots, with the exception of the Borough Hall lot which needs to be kept clear.

Why Some Streets Are Cleared Before Others? - Snow Emergency Routes

As snow begins to accumulate, the Borough concentrates on certain streets. The first streets that receive attention are the snow emergency routes. As long as the snow keeps falling, the Borough’s first priority is to keep the snow emergency routes open and passable. As soon as all the snow emergency routes are clear, equipment is immediately moved into other areas. The Borough snow emergency routes in Phoenixville are Bridge Street from Pothouse Road to the Schuylkill River; Church Street from Bridge Street to Starr Street; Dayton Street from Emmett Street to Freemont Street; Emmett Street from Franklin Avenue to Dayton Street; Franklin Avenue from Gay Street to Emmett Street; Gay Street from the southern Borough boundary to Franklin Avenue; Main Street (Rt. 29) from the southern Borough boundary to Nutt Road; Main Street from Nutt Road to Bridge Street; Manavon Street from Nutt Road to Starr Street; Nutt Road from the eastern Borough boundary to the western Borough boundary; and Starr Street from Nutt Road to Bridge Street.

Snow Emergency Route Map

Snow Emergency Route Map