Street Sweeping Schedule

Bridge from Church to Starr 
Main St from High St. to Hall St.
Gay St from Bridge to Hall.
Prospect St from Starr St. to Bridge  St
200 block of Church St.
High St. from Dayton St. to Taylor St.
Borough Parking Lots 

Are swept every Monday and Friday 5:30 am - 7:00 am except holidays from March to December.
*No parking is enforced where posted during these days and hours*

When the street sweeping in the Borough is in full swing.Please be advised that all Borough residents/property owners are responsible for keeping their sidewalk (including the ramps at corners) and driveway curb cuts free of grass, weeds, and debris. The street sweeper cannot get to those areas, but with your assistance, they can get the debris that has been swept out and placed close to the corner and curb as possible.


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