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 Knox Box Program

Ever wonder how Fire or Ambulance personnel gain access to a residence or business that is locked?  

Depending on the severity of the situation forcible entry could be preformed or the personnel on location will need to wait for a key holder to arrive with a key.  If the situation does require forcible entry it normally results in damage to a door and its locks costing hundreds of dollars in repairs.  To help reduce the possibility of damage Phoenixville Fire Department has become a strong supporter in the Knox Box program and suggests everyone understands how it can help during an emergency.  

A Knox Box is an access control system that will allow Fire or Ambulance personnel to gain access without damaging doors or locks.  The Knox Box can not be unlocked without a master key, which the Phoenixville Fire Department carries on its trucks.  When the personnel on site notice you have a Knox Box they will contact the Chester County Dispatch Center and request for the key in the truck to be unlocked.  Chester County will log the request in their comptuter to send an electronic signal to the truck which will allow the master key to be released from its locking device.  The master key will then be used to unlock your Knox Box to obtain the key that unlocks your residence or business.  Once the personnel on site are done with the master key it will be returned to the truck and returned to its locking device. 

The Phoenixville Fire Department now authorizes the ability to make these purchases online at
Simply go to this site and type in "Phoenixville" for the search Departments field.


For Residential use we recommend: Model 3261 (

Commercial use we recommend: Model 4101 (

Please contact Keith Bliss at (610) 933-9717 or email him directly at  for more information on the Knox Box program.

Smoke Detector Program

Every year in The US, 5,000 people are killed in house fires!

A working smoke detector cuts your risk of being injured or dying by 50%!


For All Emergencies, Dial 9-1-1

For more information on smoke detector installation call: Phoenixville Fire Department 610-933-9717

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