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Reservoir Park Community Garden
How Would Phoenixville Benefit from a Community Garden?
Gardens can be wonderful community assets, especially when they encourage neighbors to meet, grow food, and share common experiences.  They provide places that encourage social interaction between like-minded people who might otherwise not have an opportunity to meet.  They can provide places to develop long-lasting friendships, share recipes, and “tricks of the trade.” 

Community gardens are great social equalizers.  Taking care of plants, watching birds and butterflies, enjoying the outdoors, and getting exercise are all good for body and spirit and are activities that all can enjoy, regardless of social status, age or income.  Community gardeners often mentor each other and offer tips on improving yields, while the crops they raise provide local, nutritious, tasty food that helps stretch family food budgets.  Most importantly, the activity of gardening creates a sense of pride and self-sufficiency. 
The Northside Community Garden:  Year One Plan
Stop by the garden sometime this year, especially on the weekend, expect to see volunteers working on various projects designed to make it a truly unique and beautiful place.  By the beginning of the gardening season, there will be ten garden plots constructed of repurposed concrete blocks.  In between the plots, stones and pavers will create an informal walkway.  Wood pallets will be collected and repurposed to create garden essentials such as benches to sit on, fences to keep critters out of the plots, compost bins, and workstations.  We hope the community will be able to enjoy many of the art pieces planned for the site.  But, the most anticipated project is the archway wall at the North entrance.  It will be made of reclaimed glass bottles and its construction will be well under way by the time the garden reaches its first birthday. 
What has been accomplished so far...?
Volunteers spent last summer gathering materials for the garden.  The garden was able to start taking form thanks to donations of concrete blocks, garden art, pavers, and other donated and found materials, along with the help of a skid-steer loader, the wonderful crew of volunteers were able to construct eight garden plots.  The volunteers plan to finish two more plots before the garden opening.  They were also able to build a large raised bed for a future community strawberry garden.  Winter months were not wasted, either.   An artistic design for the garden was created and a grant application was prepared.  
So, who is doing all this?
Seventh Wonder and the Phoenixville Green Team have joined forces to build a community garden in Phoenixville.  Seventh Wonder hopes that the garden will strengthen the sense of community in the neighborhood and provide people with a local source of fresh, healthy food.  Seventh Wonder is committed to building this garden out of 100% repurposed and recycled materials.  Iris Fried donated concrete blocks and garden art, Albert Landscaping donated pavers.
The Phoenixville Green team prepared the grant application.  KMS Design Group completed the Community Garden design (the plan is on display at their office).
...and Why?
Because, people who work together develop a sense of community and the foresight to pursue a common goal.  These same people can work together to solve other community problems.  The Community Garden project began last spring when Phoenixville Borough granted the group use of land in Reservoir Park at the intersection of Franklin and Fillmore Streets.  The Garden will officially open this spring on April 7th. 
What is Seventh Wonder?
Seventh Wonder is a community organization that was founded in the spring of 2011 by a group of young adults who grew up in and around the Phoenixville area.  Since its founding, the group has worked on several projects and clean-up efforts around the Borough, including the Schuylkill River tire clean up.  
What is the Phoenixville Green Team?
The Phoenixville Green Team is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to promoting healthy, environmentally friendly lifestyles.  The Green Team is focused on improving the surroundings and the lives of all residents and visitors through a broad range of programs, educational opportunities, and initiatives.
Get involved:
To get involved with the Garden, or reserve a future plot. 

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