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The Streets Department is responsible for the maintenance of the Borough's Roads including plowing, street sweeping, street signage and repair as needed through out the year. The Streets Department also employees staff members who maintain the 70 plus properties the Borough owns.

Plowing Priorities
Main Streets
Side Streets

Snow Removal Ordinance

The Borough is responsible for snow removal on all Borough owned streets. Some streets in the Borough are the responsibility of PENNDOT.

Resident Responsibility - Snow and/or Ice must be removed from all sidewalks in front of or alongside such property within twenty-four (24) hours after the snow and/or ice has stopped falling. Please do not throw snow and/or ice into the street. Minimum clearance is forty-eight inches (48”) for Business District residents and thirty inches (30”) for other areas.

If you are a tenant or business, or live in an apartment or multi-unit housing, discuss with your landlord whose responsibility it is to clear the sidewalks. The Mayor and/or Borough Manager may extend this period of 24 hours if there is a declared emergency. We will try to get that information out as soon as we can through this website, local community television and/or radio if necessary.

DO NOT throw the ice and/or snow into the street. This makes the job more difficult for the Streets Department. If you do not remove this snow/ice, the Borough has the right to remove it and charge you for it. You would be better off hiring one of the local kids to shovel for you. You may be charged for the removal, and also cited by Borough Authorities which could be as much as $600.00.
The kids are much more reasonable. 

Snow Emergency

When the Borough of Phoenixville has declared a snow emergency. To park a motor vehicle or to allow that vehicle to remain parked anywhere on any snow emergency route or to drive any motor vehicle on any such snow emergency route unless it is equipped with snow tires or chains is unlawful. 

The following are designated as snow emergency routes: 

Bridge Street from Pothouse Road to the Schuylkill River; Church Street from Bridge Street to Starr Street; Dayton Street from Emmett Street to Freemont Street; Emmett Street from Franklin Avenue to Dayton Street; Franklin Avenue from Gay Street to Emmett Street; Gay Street from the southern Borough boundary to Franklin Avenue; Main Street (Rt. 29) from the southern Borough boundary to Nutt Road; Main Street from Nutt Road to Bridge Street; Manavon Street from Nutt Road to Starr Street; Nutt Road from the eastern Borough boundary to the western Borough boundary; and Starr Street from Nutt Road to Bridge Street.


The Sanitation Department collects the Borough's Trash, Recycling and Yard Waste as well as staff the compost site from April to November. For more information about Sanitation including your trash collection day please visit here.



Water Distribution

This department is responsible for maintenance of the Borough's Water Infrastructure and the reading of each household water meter. Water Distribution, on average, replaces 300-500 water meters per year, flushes all the fire hydrants on the Borough's Water System and responds 24 hours a day to address any issues that arise in the 60 plus miles of water line the Borough maintains.

Water Treatment

This department is responsible for the treatment of the drinking water for the Borough of Phoenixville. 

The Borough of Phoenixville Water Treatment Plant is currently undergoing an extensive capital projects upgrade.

We are switching our disinfection process equipment with an on site Hypochlorite Generation system, replacing the use of Chlorine Gas (One Ton Containers). This eliminates the possibilities of a catastrophic event, if there were a release of the gas, no danger of life threatening circumstances would be created. On site generation of Hypochlorite is a much safer technology.

Also we have replaced our sludge collection system and added Plate Settlers to our Settling Basins. This addition will enhance our finished water quality.

Additionally, we have upgraded our Filter Plant control processes with SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). This will allow the treatment process to be automated in controlling all chemical feed systems, as well as pump operations to be synchronized when plant flows are adjusted for storage capacity.

These and other capital projects are employed in a 5 year outlay to keep the water treatment plant and its processes in the best operational conditions for the future of the water system. We continue to strive to deliver the best quality water to our residents.

2017 Water Quality Report

Waste Water Treatment

This department is responsible for the treatment of the Biosolid waste generated by the Borough's residents. The Borough's Waste Water Treatment Plant is a 4 mgd rated facility, currently the plant treats an average of 1.5 mgd, or around 548 million gallons of sewage per year. In the past several years, the plant has undergone some technological upgrades including a switch from chlorine to ultra-violet (U.V.) disinfection of the treated water that is discharged to the Schuylkill River.  This has proven to be safer for the environment.  



Green Energy


Did You Know? Phoenixville Became the First PA Community to Commit to 100% Clean Energy back in 2017!

In a 7-0 unanimous decision passed by our Borough Council on Tuesday September 12, 2017, Phoenixville became the 44th municipality in the USA, and the first in PA to commit to transition to 100 percent clean and renewable energy. Our goal is to complete the transition to clean energy by the year 2035. This resolution urges the community to use local, carbon-free, pollution-free renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and small scale hydropower. 

We made one of our first steps towards this goal when we built our new Public Works Building. Completed this past March, the Public Works Building, located at 18 S 2nd Ave. features large solar panels on its roof to begin to preserve energy for our Borough. (See Below)


You can follow the panel's progress in saving energy by visiting the SolarEdge Dashboard to view in real time the energy the panels are creating, as well the environmental impact of the panels. 

Click Here to View the Dashboard


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