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Mission Statement


 The mission of the Phoenixville Police Department is to protect the rights, safety, and property of all persons within Phoenixville Borough and to provide professional service to all who come within our care and jurisdiction. The members of the Phoenixville Police Department will be guided by the values of our community and will faithfully perform their duties in accordance with the United States Constitution, Pennsylvania Constitution, and all federal, state, and local laws. The members of the Phoenixville Police Department in partnership with the community shall strive to improve the quality of life for Phoenixville residents as well as those who need our assistance. In order to accomplish this mission, members shall remain professional and respectful when dealing with the public and other organizations. The Police Department administration values its employees and recognizes that today’s employees are tomorrow’s leaders. As such, we will strive to fully develop each member by providing both contemporary and specialized training. We encourage members to continue their education and embrace diversified skill sets. We will provide opportunities for self- actualization and partner with the members to achieve their full potential.



We, the members of the Phoenixville Police Department, recognize our contribution to the quality of life and a safe environment in our community through the provision of professional law enforcement services. We will meet the challenge of providing these services by basing our thoughts and actions on the following shared values.

Service to our community 
We value the opportunity to provide service in a manner which is fair, courteous, responsive and efficient. An attitude of respect for, and the protection of, the worth, dignity and rights of all is the foundation of our law enforcement agency.

We value candor, honesty and ethical behavior in members of our department. We are committed to uphold our positions of trust by maintaining the highest ethical standards as set forth in the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.

Responsibility and accountability
We value the need for effective use of our resources and to provide a spirit of 
openness in communications with our community. We will be responsible for our actions, willing to admit our mistakes and ensure that our behavior earns the support and trust of all segments of the public.

We value professionalism by having a clear sense of commitment, perspective and direction. Professionalism is developed by creating an environment that encourages teamwork, innovation and constant evaluation of ourselves. A professional attitude is dedicated to quality, timeliness and excellence in our service to the community.

Pride and satisfaction in our profession 
We believe our work to be a source of enjoyment and satisfaction. We are proud of our accomplishments as an integral part of our community.





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