The Zoning Hearing Board (ZHB) is a body of 5 residents appointed by Borough Council that hears requests for variances, special exceptions and appeals. 

Area and Design - A variance is zoning relief which permits minor changes of district area and design regulations where individual properties are both harshly and uniquely burdened by the strict application of the zoning law. The ability to obtain a variance is restricted and the degree of variation is limited to the minimum change necessary to afford relief, representing the least modification possible to the regulation at issue. Use variations are specifically prohibited. A variance is a modification of the requirements of a zoning district and does not include the substitution of uses assigned to other districts.
No variation may be granted which would adversely affect surrounding property or the general neighborhood. All variations must be in harmony with the intent and purposes of the zoning ordinance.

Use – Certain uses may or may not be appropriate at every location within a specific district and, should the ZHB determine that a use permitted by special exception fails to comply with all of the definitional aspects thereof or would be contrary to the public health, safety, morals and/or welfare of the community at specific locations within a district, that the use would not be permitted there.

Zoning Officer: David Boelker Dboelker@phoenixville.org

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