Parking Study

Park Phoenixville

The Borough of Phoenixville retained McMahon Associates, Inc. to conduct a parking study of the downtown area, including the commercial core in and around Bridge Street, as well as within the immediate residential areas to the north and south. The goal of this study is to document existing parking inventory, and utilization as well as identify potential implications of anticipated new development. This study focused on typical weekday (Thursday) and weekend (Saturday) conditions, and primarily evaluated parking available to the general public either curbside or within public parking lots or other lots made available to the public during certain hours of the day.

The study included a public outreach program to identify public issues and concerns relative to parking. An online survey was conducted and nearly 230 participants responded. A public workshop was also held. The top priorities of the public were: 1) increasing parking supply, 2) improving wayfinding and signage, 3) planning for today and tomorrow’s parking demands, 4) balancing parking needs of all modes of travel, and 5) protecting residential neighborhoods.

This study was completed with funding from the Borough of Phoenixville and through a Transportation and Community Development Initiative (TCDI) grant provided by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission.

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