Madison at French Creek

Riverworks is a  rental community consisting of approximately 350 apartment units on the property commonly referred to as Parcel Q on the French Creek Master Plan.

Parcel Q is located directly north of French Creek and is bordered by railroad tracks operation by the Norfolk Southern Railroad on both the northern and eastern boundaries.  North Main Street runs along the western boundary of the site and will provide the primary access point to the community, at the location of the future French Creek Parkway.  Parcel Q is owned by French Creek Acquisition Limited Partnership.

Originally part of the vast Phoenix Steel complex, Parcel Q has been sitting vacant for many years.  By developing Madison at French Creek, FCA will re-invigorate the site, bringing new residents to the Phoenixville community.  In addition to the 350 units to be constructed in six buildings, the project, as designed, will have significant public amenities including pedestrian linkages to the center of the Borough’s commercial district (Bridge Street), a multitude of trails and pathways, and a focus, stylistically, on Phoenixville’s industrial past.

Indeed, the proposed buildings are centered around a large open space area, two (2) small courtyards and a seasonal community pool, all located on axis with the pedestrian bridge providing linkage to the center of the Borough.  This bridge, to be reconstructed as part of the project, will be the strong pedestrian connection between the future residents of Madison at French Creek and downtown Phoenixville. 

Architecturally, the buildings proposed for Madison at French Creek will be contemporary 21st century structures, with a fleeting reference to the Borough’s industrial past.  This architectural language will be contrasted by traditional landscape elements (street lights, benches, trash receptacles, etc.) consistent with those in the center of the Borough.  By taking this approach, the community will be both fully integrated into downtown Phoenixville and also a place unto itself.

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