Subdivision and Land Development

Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance

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Subdivision and Land Development Application

The intent of the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO) is to regulate the subdivision and development of land in the Borough in order to address: conformance to the Comprehensive Plan, existing street coordination, drainage, utilities, open space, public improvements such as water, fire hydrants, sewerage, parks, playgrounds, etc. as well as safety from fire, panic and other dangers.

Land Development is defined as:

1. The improvement of one lot or two or more contiguous lots, tracts or parcels of land for any purpose involving:

a group of two or more residential or nonresidential buildings, whether proposed initially or cumulatively, or a single nonresidential building on a lot or lots regardless of the number of occupants or tenure; or

the division or allocation of land or space, whether initially or cumulatively, between or among two or more existing or prospective occupants by means of, or for the purpose of streets, common areas, leaseholds, condominiums, building groups or other features.

2. A subdivision of land.



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