Special Event and Borough Services Request Application

Beginning June 9th, the Borough Council has decided to begin accepting applications for special community events occurring from September 1st, 2021 through the end of the year. 

Downtown events must be able to take place within the boundaries of the weekly temporary open-air business set ups and closures established. Utilization of the Main and Bridge street parking lot #2 is permitted for events.

Please note that all outdoor events will need to follow current CDC guidelines

If you are planning an event on public or private property, and need additional equipment or services like barricades, police services, etc. please fill out the Special Event application linked below.


Moving forward, there will be a new application for both special events, as well as requests for services or to rent Borough equipment.

View and Download Special Event Application


A preplanned single event or series of events that, because of its nature, interest, location, promotion or any combination of similar influences, is expected to draw a large number of people, proposed to be held on public property, or on private property but impacting public property or roadways, and/or requiring the use of public support services, for the purpose(s) of entertainment, celebration, amusement, cultural recognition, arts and craft displays and/or sales, special sport competition, block parties or similar activities generally considered recreational in nature. 

Events that require a Special Event permit are typically ones that are expected to have more than 100 people in attendance. 


After submitting a completed application, the Borough will tentatively reserve the desired location for that particular event, schedule a meeting in order to provide a dialogue amongst the event coordinator and the personnel providing recommendations to the Borough Manager and/or Borough Council.


A gathering of the residents on a residential street requiring a closure of a street or a portion thereof to vehicular traffic and use of the street for social and/or entertainment purposes. The Phoenixville Police Chief is the reviewer of all block party applications.


If an event is being held on private property, a special event permit is not needed from the Borough. However, citizens may request services or rent equipment from the Borough to assist with aspects of their private event. If the “On private property?” box is checked the application then becomes a service/equipment request rather than an event permit request.


Application fee is due at time of application submittal. This can be paid via a check made out to the Borough of Phoenixville and mailed/dropped off to Borough Hall at: 

Borough of Phoenixville
Attn: Katie Detwiler
351 Bridge Street | 2nd Floor
Phoenixville, PA 19460

or pay with credit card over the phone at 610-933-8801.

All other event fees are due 60 days prior to your approved event date. You will be invoiced upon Council approval. Fee totals are based off of the schedule of fees for the year your event is taking place in, regardless of the date of your application submittal. When approved, a detailed invoice will be sent to you with the specific due date for event fees.