Phoenixville Borough Comprehensive Plan Update

Project Description 

The Phoenixville Comprehensive & Revitalization Plan incorporates and builds off previous planning efforts that have been completed within the Borough, Phoenixville Region and Chester County. Two of the most notable efforts have been the Phoenixville Regional Comprehensive Plan and the Chester County Comprehensive Plan: Landscapes3. 

What is a Comprehensive Plan? 

A Comprehensive Plan document is a guide for our community for the next ten years in all aspects of infrastructure and development planning.

The plan must include:

  • Future Land Use Plan
  • Housing Plan
  • Transportation Plan
  • Community Facilities Plan (includes utilities)

2011 Phoenixville Comprehensive Plan (PDF)

Links to Regional and County plans:

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The first public workshop meeting is expected for March 2021. More details coming soon!

Tentative Schedule - Click to Zoom

2021 Borough of Phoenixville Com Plan schedule