Green Energy

Aerial view of solar panels on Public Works buildingDid you know? Phoenixville became the first Pennsylvania community to commit to 100% clean energy back in 2017!

Making the Commitment

In a 7 to 0 unanimous decision passed by our Borough Council on Tuesday, September 12, 2017, Phoenixville became the 44th municipality in the USA, and the first in PA to commit to a transition to 100% clean and renewable energy. Our goal is to complete the transition to clean energy by the year 2035. 

This resolution urges the community to use local, carbon-free, pollution-free renewable energy sources like:

  • Small-scale hydropower
  • Solar
  • Wind

New Public Works Building

We made one of our first steps towards this goal when we built our new Public Works Building. Completed this past March, the Public Works Building, located at 18 South 2nd Avenue, features large solar panels on its roof to begin to preserve energy for our Borough.

SolarEdge Dashboard

You can follow the panel's progress in saving energy by visiting the SolarEdge Dashboard to view in real time the energy the panels are creating, as well as the environmental impact of the panels.